BayCon 2022 and The Royal Manticoran Navy 10th Fleet Summit

Hello everyone! BayCon (link here) is upon us and it's less than a month away! Below is the schedule and the links for the Zoom calls for all of the TRMN events Except for the dueling.

For the official schedule of events, check it out on Grenadine.

The passcode for all of the meetings is 8675309

We also need volunteers. You can volunteer for the following:

  • Recruiting Table
  • Ward Room (During the day)
  • Reception Room (Must be 21 or older)
    • Bartender/Barback
    • Security/ID Check

To sign up for a slot, go HERE.

And finally, if you'd like to help cover the costs of the Ward Room/Reception Room, you can donate to that HERE.

(YES! Those donations do count towards your Queen Elizabeth)

The Schedule!

Saturday  - 2 July 2022

Sunday  - 3 July 2022