Welcome to my home on the web.

I'll be adding content about life and various other goings on here. You'll get to learn more about me, and maybe even join me on the journey through this thing called life.


Need computer work? I can help! I revel in finding creative solutions to problems.

Need an Ear?

I have been around the world and back. Indeed, at times, across the universe. Do you need an ear to listen? I can do that. Need advice? I can do that too. 

How effective it is, I'll leave that to you.

Best In Class

I am best in class. There's no doubt about that. Want to find out more? Just reach out.  We'll conquer the world.


Feel free to email me, phone me (if you have my number), smoke signal me, carrier pigeon me, or visit m. You can find me using my nifty map (just scroll down a bit).

Contact Me.
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